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Our smooth superior British brandy liqueur has a sweet seductive aroma of brandied raisins, vanilla and fresh orange. On the palate, velvet cocoa and coffee give way to light spiced prunes with a subtle hint of ginger to close. Caru is an artisanal premium liqueur sustainably produced in the UK. Developed by one of the UK’s master distillers in his award-winning distillery, Caru is a re-imagination of a timelessly elegant spirit with a hint of the exotic and a luxurious taste - a timeless tonic with a modern twist, bringing a touch of spice to a traditionally strengthening spirit to warm and comfort.

Best served straight over ice or in an Old Fashioned.

Caru - /ˈkæri:/ - is the verbal noun for ‘love’ in Welsh and - /ˈkæru:/- in old English means ‘care’.

We are very proud to be partnering with English Spirit Distillery to help realise our dream and finesse flavours under the expert guidance of Dr John Walters one of the UK’s master distillers and the first creators of British-made Brandy.

The Caru brandy base is distilled from surplus English wine (Chardonnay) and sweetened with locally sourced honey to support British bees and reduce waste, in John’s award-winning distillery. After distilling, the brandy is then aged for a minimum of 6 months on-site before being developed, with a combination of spices and local honey, into Caru Brandy Liqueur. It is distilled, aged, refined at the same site meaning it has a low carbon footprint. All ingredients and packaging are sustainably sourced where possible. The packaging is recyclable, and we have a commitment to no plastic where possible and otherwise biodegradable plastic only.

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