Wabana Flowers

Surrey — Cheam

What’s in a name? For London/Surrey-based Yoko Edgeller, her bond to nature was perhaps sealed as soon as her parents settled on the one for her - Yoko means ‘leaves’. “If I was a flower what would I be?” There is no hesitation. “Well I’d be foliage of course!” Yoko first started learning floristry back in 2001, while she was still in Japan. A stint spent conjuring bouquets as the in-house florist for a top Mayfair hotel introduced Yoko to the luxurious side of her craft, which she blends with a dedication to the freshest flowers nature has to offer. “I love using seasonal blooms. I get so excited to see the first tulips and hyacinths in winter at the flower market, dahlias in late summer, rose hips and crab apples in autumn, amarylis means Christmas… the list goes on!”

Floom Wabana Flowers Studio 2
“Flowers make my heart sing… ”
“especially when I spot my favourite flowers of the season in the market for the first time!”
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Yoko Edgeller, 8978771759, 104 Marlow Drive, Cheam, Surrey SM3 9AZ