Thomas Bloom

Thomas Bloom is the flower-arranging alter-ego of Thomas Broom-Hughes, who until recently worked as Head of Horticulture at Petersham Nurseries. Thomas left the lofty position behind to venture forth under his own (sort-of) name, crafting incredible floral creations from his studio in Surrey. “I would describe my style as ‘garden-gathered chic’,” Thomas says. “I like my designs to evoke the feeling that everything has been plucked and arranged from the garden, and yet keep the finished product looking stylish and simple.” His biggest influence is the Mädderlakes, who pioneered the natural flower movement in the US during the eighties. “The marriage of working with local growers and seasonal flowers to create what was still a high-end product is something that really inspired me and always will.” As for Thomas’ favourite floral memory? “I remember one of the first weddings I ever did was on Midsummers Day. Flowers were at their peak and the sun was shining brilliantly. Everything I used was sourced from British growers and my own cutting patch. Sweet Peas, Roses, Peonies and Sweet Williams were just a few of the varieties I worked with. The scent of the flowers was amazing and the wedding looked beautiful. That day was what being a florist was all about.” We’re delighted to be able to bring you your own taste of Thomas’ floristry on Floom.

Floom Thomas Bloom Studio 2
There is something very special about working with a seasonal product...
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...and how it makes you transition creatively, from week to week and day to day!

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