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Surrey — Banstead

Mad Lilies

This florist delivers between 10am - 5pm on:

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“Flowers make you happy – FACT!” There’s not much arguing to be done with that statement from Alison of the Mad Lilies is there? Besides, you only need to spend a moment in the warm presence and wide grins of Alison and her team to see that the proof is, indeed, in the peony-smelling pudding. All joking aside, Mad Lilies are pretty amazing at what they do, which is create trend-setting, inspirational florals from the blooms that arrive early each morning to their workshop. “It’s like it’s our birthday every day!”

Floom Mad Lillies Studio 2
A field full of mixed Dahlias - eccentrically British, utterly charming and love to show off given half the chance.
Floom Mad Lillies Studio 3
Because they're a living thing and allow you to bring a little of the great outdoors indoors
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