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"“I have loved flowers and all things green ever since I was a little girl secretly picking my grandad’s bright dahlia heads!” So speaks Sue, founder of Lavender Hill flower shop in Farnham, Surrey. Lavender Hill was also the name of the part of London where Sue’s grandad (and his dahlia-filled garden) could be found all those years ago, so it is clear that the lineage between those floral childhood experiences and the current array of beautiful bouquets that Sue and her team create today runs deep. There’s also a few other unexpected elements to Sue’s craft: “my love for food and vegetables is also reflected in my floral designs,” she says. “I often use vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds in my pieces!” While floristry has clearly played a part in much of Sue’s life, Lavender Hill first opened its doors just eight years ago, in 2010 (shop no. 2 followed in 2015, just down the road in Lower Bourne and big enough to house Sue’s popular flower workshops). “There was a year I arranged over 60 weddings from home with flowers and foliage covering my garden, vases and buckets filling most rooms…” remembers Sue. “I knew then that it was time to realise my dream and open my shop.” Browse her wonderful arrangements today on Floom and discover just how thankful we should all be that she did!"

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I have loved flowers and all things green since I was a little girl...
Floom Defauld Studio Photo 3
...secretly picking my Grandad’s huge bright dahlia heads near Lavender Hill in London where I was born.

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