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Somerset — Frome

Bramble & Wild

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The seeds of Bramble & Wild were sewn during founder Grace’s first ever floristry evening course. “Even with just carnations and gyp to play with, I had a eureka moment - I finally felt that I was doing what I was meant to do. It just felt right!” Situated in the heart of Frome, Somerset, Grace and her trusty senior florist Kirsty (plus labrador puppy Bracken and Wellington the cocker spaniel!) make sure to indulge in every wonderful step of their creative processes. “Flowers are so beautifully ephemeral, and we’re lucky enough to witness their blooming, enveloped in their aroma and made to smile each time we catch sight of them.”

Floom Bramble And Wild Studio 2
Who doesn't like to see someone stood on their doorstep with a bunch of loveliness, all for them?!
Floom Bramble And Wild Studio 3
Each day, week and season we fall in love with something new. Garden roses and anemones provide great excitement when they come back around, but we’re fickle and have many, many great loves!
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