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Plantology have been bringing their wonderful wares to the good people of Sheffield since 1995. Think about that for a moment - while everyone else was inexplicably making Robson and Jerome the biggest selling popstars of the year, Plantology were creating magic that still resonates today over twenty years later. That said, it sounds like it was a little out of their hands… “We didn’t choose floristry, floristry chose us!” They say gleefully, before going on to list off a whole host of favourite flowers. “Today we love Oxypetalum Coeruleum with it’s glowing sky blue flowers - tomorrow we’ll love something else equally stunning,” they say. A sign perhaps of just how immersed in the flower world these expert arrangers are: the way that fancy flower names roll off the tongue when the rest of us would stick to the common name, Tweedia!

Floom Plantology Studio 2
We didn’t choose to become florists, floristry chose us!
Floom Plantology Studio 3
Flowers are a great way to reflect a personality and an expression of any occasion.
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