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Oxford-based Floriology was founded by two great friends, Georgina (who is the florist-extraordinaire) and Charlotte (the uber-capable business brain who keeps everything running). Their belief in strength in numbers stretches to other parts of their floristry as well – as evidenced when asked about their favourite flower. “Oh we couldn’t pick one,” says Georgina. “All the voluptuous leading ladies would have to be up there! Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and ranunculus are all gorgeous…” Apart from sharing a close friendship and complimentary skillset, they also both have a unique interest in the art of floriology, or the language of flowers, which they channel into their forward-thinking bouquets. “We were both enchanted by floriology,” says Georgina, “and we try to put a contemporary spin on the traditional language of flowers.” Employing a style of floristry that Georgina describes as, “abundant, luxurious and creative with a bias for natural, textural design and subtle colours”, their aim is to create wonderful gifts promoting the individual qualities of the flowers themselves. As Georgina surmises, “they can represent a real depth of emotion, friendship, affection, love, passion, empathy… There’s no better way to show you care, and in a time when people often have so much, it’s actually great to receive something temporary. It signifies a moment in time but will never gather dust!”

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Flowers can represent a depth of emotion, friendship, affection, love, passion or empathy.
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It’s actually great to have something temporary that represents a significant moment in time but which will never gather dust!

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