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Bicycle Blooms Oxford

For Jane Gandon of Bicycle Blooms in Oxford, flowers represent memories: “of walking through the garden and brushing past mint, lavender or rosemary, the scent of roses from your grandmother’s garden or handfuls of chocolate-scented cosmos. Scent, touch and colour are all important to me.” Jane’s floristry style gives all these wonderful elements their dues. “Our style tends to be more relaxed and natural,” she says. “Using textures, foliage and seed heads to complement the blooms we use.” By the way if you’re wondering about that name: “it represents the history of the building. At college I used to cycle past it and remember it as a bike shop, Cycloanalyst - so now it is Bicycle Blooms!” It’s a perfect ‘Oxford’ image: students on bicycles trundling between colleges with a beautiful bouquet in their basket.

Floom Bicycle Blooms Studio 3
The flowers I choose are influenced by my love of my garden and the changing seasons.
Floom Bicycle Blooms Studio 2
Our style tends to be more relaxed and natural, using textures, foliage and seed heads to complement the blooms we use.
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