Botanique Workshop


Botanique Workshop is based in the beating heart of London's design district, Clerkenwell: a uniquely positioned store-cum-florist that brings a heavy artisanal vibe to everything they touch. Amidst a meticulously curated collection of handcrafted products, their in-house florist, Pip, creates distinctive bouquets on a daily basis. Each arrangement is comprised of freshly cut, seasonal stems and encapsulates the emphasis on local craft that defines the ethos of Alice the owner. Botanique Workshop is proud to partner with Floom for exactly this reason - promoting local produce and business.

Floom Botanique Workshop Flowers Bouquet Shop Owners 2
“Who doesn't like to receive flowers?”
“...No, they won't last forever, but the best things rarely do.”
Floom Botanique Workshop Flowers Bouquet Shop Owners
Philippa Lowe, 1159974024, 31 Exmouth Market London EX1R 4QL