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Mahal Kita Flowers

Mahal Kita means I love you in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines and has been designed by Antony Burger in Margate. After a year of coast living he has opened a second studio in Spitafields.... bringing his Blooms in town

Antony Burger explains how he came up with the name Mahal Kita, "When my father was 30 years old, he visited an old friend in a small hospital in the middle of Wales. As he walked through the doors of the ward, he noticed a young nurse and he knew, without even having yet met her, that he would marry her one day. Two years later he married my mother."

Antony's Mother is Filipino and Mahal Kita was one of the first phrases Antony's father learnt to speak in her language. How romantic? Antony explains "On every special occasion, every thank you, every I'm sorry, my father would send a bunch of flowers and a card with a little poem written inside and always adding the words mahal kita". It's no wonder why Antony has such a strong infatuation to his brand and name.

Antony explains that every time he uses flowers with the words and brand of Mahal Kita, he is reminded of the love between his two parents and how they both celebrated life, eachother and important events throughout every year.

Mahal Kita does a variety of installations, products and luckily for our customers they have branched out into offering seasonal bouquets with a pop of colour!

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My father would send a bunch of flowers and a card with a little poem written inside...
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...and always adding the words Mahal Kita.

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