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Manchester — Salford

Verdure Floral Design

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Since 2009, Manchester’s very own Verdure Floral Design offer stunning arrangements for all occasions: from weddings and funerals to interiors and special collaborative projects. There is nothing traditional or outdated about their floral arrangements, this shows through their meadow inspired arrangements, Kai says "if we were a flower, we would be anything wild" Every posy, bouquet, plant and installation falls under the vision of Kai Leek and his RHS Gold Medal-winning florists. Kai and his team show nothing but experience and love of the floristry industry through their stunning floral arrangements. Their dedication and love shines through their obligatory professional flower training induction week for all new florists and their constant appearance at flower competitions all year round…. (do I sense a competitive florist amongst our marketplace..!).

Floom Defauld Studio Photo 2
Flowers are definitely nature's version of a smile.
Floom Defauld Studio Photo 3
If we were a flower, we would be anything wonderfully wild. Whether that's some luscious foliage or a meadow flower, we don't mind!
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