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There’s a straightforward ethos behind Victoria McCubbine’s sort-of eponymous floristry shop, Victoria Windsor. “My shop sells everything I love and helps people celebrate or treat themselves,” she says. “For example, you can buy a beautiful bouquet for a new mum, a card and a present for the baby or just pick up a bunch of tulips to brighten up your flat.” It all sounds so simple, right? And yet, take a look at any of the magnificent floral arrangements that Victoria and her team make for their clients and the meticulously honed craft and creativity is plain to see. “I love the simple beauty of a flower but also the infinite possibilities for arranging and combining them,” says Victoria. “The seasonal nature means I never get bored, and I always look forward to the changes.” Victoria had always loved flowers and buying them for both herself and others, and her first foray into floristry came when friends started asking for her help with the flowers for their weddings. “When one of them paid me it gave me the push I needed – I was doing it for the fun of it, however they were so pleased they paid me!” Fast forward a little, and Victoria Windsor now sits proudly in the heart of Pimlico. “I wanted to create a place that offers a little more than special than your average high street chain,” says Victoira. “I love it when I hear people say, ‘this is the shop I was telling you about!’ when they come in with a friend. I’m not a doctor or a human rights lawyer – what I’m doing doesn’t save lives but hopefully it spreads a little happiness and joy. I know flowers can really make someone’s day and I’ll settle for that.”

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I'm not a doctor or a human rights lawyer, what I'm doing doesn't save lives but hopefully helps spread a little happiness and joy...
Floom Victoria Windsor London Florist Studio 3
...I know flowers can really make someone's day and I'll settle for that!

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