That Flower Shop

London — Hoxton

It’s perfectly named really: That Flower Shop. It's unassuming, yet still steeped in conviction about what it says and does - much like founder Hattie Fox. A seasoned florist despite still sitting the right side of thirty, she cut her teeth working the flower kiosks of West London since her mid-teens. Three years ago she crossed the city to set up her own business in the heart of burgeoning, bustling Shoreditch. The overflowing, jungle-like interior of That Flower Shop inspires some of the most instinctively beautiful and creative bouquets you are ever likely to lay eyes on.

Floom That Flower Shop Flowers 2
“Hattie? She's the boss. Think Grand Master Flash meets Mary Berry.”
“We love flowers because every couple of months you can fall in love with a new one and you can't really do that with humans.”
Floom That Flower Shop Flowers 3
That Flower Shop, 2925261138, The Studio, 263 Hoxton Street, London, N1 5LG