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Tame Pansy

Normally when we ask our florists what flower they themselves would be, they have a specific type in mind. An elegant rose perhaps; a wild foxtrot. For Chloe Petyan of the gloriously-named Tame Pansy however, it’s simply: “anything flamboyant.” The London-based florist may have a wonderfully off-the-cuff and provocative way of talking about her craft (“flowers are nature’s tarts – perfectly designed to attract and seduce…”), but there’s no denying the incredible beauty of the arrangements she conjures (and yes, they're often a little on the flamboyant side!).

Floom Tame Pansy Studio 2
Who on earth doesn't like flowers!?
Floom Tame Pansy Studio 3
I knew I wanted to become florist when our flat started to look like Kew Gardens.

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Tame Pansy |10680111|16 Yarrell Mansions, Queens Club Gardens, London. W14 9TB