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London — Walthamstow

Succulence London

“If I was a plant, what would I be…?” Sarah, founder of Succulence, London, ponders this for a moment. “I would be a String of Hearts. I look delicate but I’m pretty tough!”

That delicate toughness certainly translates into her East London plants emporium, the aesthetic of which Sarah describes as “urban meets jungle”. The enterprise originally came to Sarah very – if you’ll excuse the mild pun – organically, “born out of a need to make my home greener and healthier. I wanted air-purifying plants that were also low maintenance, looked ‘Instagram perfect’ and came in gorgeous planters. I struggled to find somewhere that offered all of this in one place though.” A trip to New York was the final push that Sarah needed: “I was seeing all of these cool Brooklyn warehouses doing exactly what I just described and thought – why not bring this to East London?”

The rest, as they say, was history, and Sarah now gets to bring joy to her customers everyday through the power of plants: “if someone gets a plant that needs minimal care, not only are you making their space more beautiful, you’re giving them a piece of nature that lasts. Humans need to be near nature, and plants can improve mental health, physical health… plus they look great!”

Floom Succulence London Studio 2
Succulence was born out of the need to make my home greener and healthier...
Floom Succulence London Studio 3
Humans need to be near nature and plants can improve mental health, physical health and look great.

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