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London — Hampstead

Sayeh and Galton Flowers

If you live in London and have even a passing love for the exquisite florals and plants, then there’s a good chance that Sayeh & Galton Flowers needs no introduction. Renowned for their Hampstead based shop, Sayeh & Galton has become a truly iconic flower shop managed by Sayeh herself.

The florist shop at Sayeh & Galton positively brims with seasonal delights, encompassing dreamlike examples of your favourite blooms and unexpected new thrills in equal measure. The passion of floristry from Sayeh is brought thrillingly to life in the arrangements you can now see and send on Floom. Sayeh explains, “the shop was established 1948 and is one of the most prestigious florists in London with a wealth of knowledge and a sought-after academy teaching floristry...”.

Finally, Sayeh explains if she was a flower… she would be a sweetpea, because “Sweetpeas are so soft and delicate and yet give an air of sophistication”.

Floom Sayeh Galton Studio 2
Every day provides a good memory, my favourite time is when we put true smiles on people’s faces.
Floom Sayeh Galton Studio 3
...Because it’s instant pleasure, which cannot compare with just any pleasure, it’s a true and genuine smile.

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