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"Sadie Rose is the floristry alter-ego of Sadie McMahon, who has been serving up delicious floral offerings to the good people of Highbury for over ten years now. From distinctive, hand-tied bouquets to stunning seasonal arrangements, Sadie and her team provide, “modern floristry with a unique twist.” So how did Sadie first become interested in floristry? While some florists stumble into the art late in their careers, one gets the impression from speaking to Sadie that nothing could get in the way of her dream to work with flowers! “It was always a passion of mine from a young age,” she says. “I used to volunteer on a Saturday in my local floristry shop to build up my knowledge and experience. Then, when I left school at 16, I went on to study floristry at college while continuing to work with a florist part time.” Sadie doesn’t have a particular favourite memory when it comes to her floristry – “I love my job and the everyday joy of creating new styles” – but she does have a favourite bloom: “sweet peas are so elegant and beautiful, and on top of that they have the most amazing scent!” “Flowers are something of a luxury,” Sadie says, when asked why she thinks they make such great gifts. “Most people wouldn’t pop to their local florists to buy on a weekly basis, so when you do receive flowers as a gift it shows real thought and care… people really appreciate that.” "

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Flowers are such a beautiful natural gift. Their colour and smell add life in any room.
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It is a real love of mine creating beautiful designs with seasonal flowers as a living.

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