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Roses Enhanced is a pretty ‘Ronseal it does exactly what it says on the tin’ name for a pretty remarkable flower business. The London-based studio is the lovechild of Eleni Agathokleous, the florist whose love of roses led to, “wanting to bring luxury floral arrangement to the everyday consumer, their homes and their workplaces.” Eleni got her start in floristry as a teenager, thanks to her flower-loving aun – a kindred spirit who was also a florist. “My passion for creating floral arrangements came from there,” Eleni says. This passion eventually resulted in the opening of Roses Enhanced, whose beautifully considered offering initially tasked itself with enhancing the already stunning natural beauty of the rose. By choosing only the very best roses and cutting them only at very specific, peak times of year, Eleni and her team are able to offer the most stunning roses with the longest lifespans. “Flowers are nature’s greatest creations,” says Eleni wondrously. “Working with flowers brings me so much happiness and I love to pass this on to others with my creations... I love the endless creative possibilities that working with flowers brings.” And if Eleni could be any flower? No prizes for guessing which she chooses! “I would be a rose of course… it’s beautiful and it smells amazing!”

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I love the endless creative possibilities working with flowers brings...
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...Flowers are nature’s greatest creation and working with flowers brings me happiness that I love to pass on to others with my creations.

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