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London — Queen's Park

Queens Park Flowers

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The long standing Queens Park Station Flowers is headed up by the fantastic Mr Jason Boon, who says he got into floristry through "picking and arranging flowers from Regents Park for his Mother’s birthday every year". It can’t have taken much more than than a gentle push to turn his passion into a business when you consider the stunning bouquets he’s surrounded with each day by his team. Not only are their creations beautiful but Jason states he "loves using British flowers as much as possible" with a particular love of the Corn Flower and English Lavender.

Floom Queens Park Florist Studio 2
Flowers are transient, yet express extremely meaningful emotions and that reflects exactly what life is all about.
Floom Queens Park Florist Studio 3
I love everything and anything British that can be grown in the countryside; Corn Flower, English Lavender.
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