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Petersham Nurseries

If you live in London and have even a passing love for the beauty and wonder of nature, then there’s a good chance that Petersham Nurseries needs no introduction. Renowned for their Richmond-based plant nursery, lifestyle and homewares shop, teahouse and world famous restaurant, Petersham Nurseries has become a truly iconic London institution. This is mainly due to its combination of awe-inspiring style, understated elegance and rustic, muddy-floored charms. In 2017, Petersham Nurseries expanded it’s presence to a refined townhouse in the heart of Covent Garden, part of which serves as a dedicated florist. We’re thrilled to be their exclusive online partners, bringing their incredible arrangements and purist sensibility to more flower lovers than ever before! The Florist at Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden positively brims with seasonal delights, encompassing dreamlike examples of your favourite childhood blooms and unexpected new thrills in equal measure. Petersham Nurseries’ passion for floristry is brought thrillingly to life in the arrangements you can now see and send on Floom.

Floom Petersham Nurseries London Studio 2
Particularly with the floristry style we do here, we want it to look almost like it’s just been gathered from the garden or pulled from the hedgerow.
Floom Petersham Nurseries London Studio 3
We look for something that’s completely different to what everyone else is going to have – something that is not only sustainable and organic but looks sustainable and organic too.

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