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Peduncle Flowers

Peduncle means a stalk bearing a flower (or fruit), or stem of an inflorescence. I feel the latter definition particularly describes how multifaceted the craft of floristry is, and equally my approach to the creative process. I am constantly on the look out for innovative ways to inject a little individuality into each piece, whilst still placing value on the elements and principles of design. At Peduncle flowers, we strive to keep floristry green. This means that bit by bit, we are actively seeking ways to reduce the amounts of plastics, polypropylene and foam we use and substitute these materials with more eco friendly alternatives. I have liaised with UK manufacturers to provide you with recycled/recyclable, biodegradable and natural packaging.

Floom Penduncle Flowers Studio 2
Only in later life was I truly captivated by the beauty of flowers...
Floom Penduncle Flowers Studio 3
...and the endless possibilities for creative expression within this field.

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