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Maison de Fleurs

Battersea-based Maison des Fleurs are not shy in their desire to take floristry into new, exciting realms. “Our inspiration comes from the top fashion houses around the world,” says Hannah Thorne. “We take trends directly from the catwalk and reflect them in our bouquets.” The result is stunning bouquets that feel thrillingly contemporary, fun and colourful, while retaining the traditional craftsmanship and style that has made a love of flowers so timeless. So basically all the reasons we also love our favourite fashion brands then! The ‘maison’ launched in 2011, and has since grown and evolved into a world class team of creatives. “Each project that’s brought to us is considered on an individual basis,” explains Hannah. “The creative process is key and we fit around each client’s individual needs. We’re known for our meticulous attention to detail and passion for flowers, which hopefully shows in every project we work on.” We’re inclined to believe it does – whether that’s in the work they do for London Fashion Week, glamorous weddings, private parties or, yes, the eye-catching everyday beauty of the bouquets you see here on Floom. Small or large-scale, Hannah believes there is a universal allure to great floristry: “we think flowers make great gifts because they always put a smile on people’s faces!”

Floom Maison De Fleur Studio 2
Our inspiration comes from the top fashion houses around the world, taking trends directly from the catwalk...
Floom Maison De Fleur Studio 3
...and reflecting them in our bouquets. We enjoy creating traditional bouquets with an added touch of fun and colour!

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