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Jamie Aston

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If you’re a London-dwelling flower lover then there’s a good chance Jamie Aston needs no introduction… but here’s one from us anyway! Widely considered to be one of the finest florists in the world, he is the go-to arranger for huge names across the worlds of fashion, film, music and finance. He’s also inspired countless people to take up the art of floristry through courses at his floristry school. Ten years on and Jamie still lives and breathes his passion for flowers - he can’t imagine doing anything but floristry with his life. He can however imagine what flower he would be were he to be magically transformed: “A David Austin rose. British and elegant - what more can you ask for?”

Floom Jamie Aston Studio 1
We love flowers because they bring life and happiness to every occasion.
Floom Jamie Aston Studio 3B
We love the seasonality - each season brings the start of new flowers which means new creations.
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