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With something as universally well-loved as flowers, innovation remains the magic ingredient that can send a florist to the top of their game. As Holly Petula says: ‘The sheer urban dance of colors and textures are a joy to work with. Creating unique and interesting designs with nature’s finest ingredients is what floristry is all about.”

She describes her floral design company, House of Petula (or H.O.P), as “unique, stylish and contemporary”. Based in central London, it specialises in corporate events and weddings – as well as retail space and editorial. Which isn’t surprising considering she used to work in the fashion industry. “I felt the urge for a change and retrained as a florist,” says Holly, for whom making the switch was an easy decision. “The colors, the smells, the simplicity. Flowers arouse so many of the senses,” she says.

After spending a few years freelancing some of the top florists in the UK, H.O.P was born – “with an emphasis on quality, style and sustainability”. As for her favourite bloom, Holly says: “An English rose because of its array of species, color and form.”

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The colors, the smells, the simplicity.
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...flowers arouse so many of the senses!

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