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London — Deptford

Harley's Flowers

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Having trained at the Judith Blacklock Flower School, Harley went on to hone her craft alongside Alexandra Lyons, the master florist at John Lewis. Having accrued seven years of experience at the highest level, Harley set up shop for herself in South London – her work spans projects as vast as cathedral weddings and as intimate as home christening parties. Harley’s studio is committed to only using the finest, freshest flowers, hand-conditioned and curated to provide luxury bouquets perfect for any occasion.

Floom Harleys Flowers Studio 2
Each season has a different meaning and celebration and it's always lovely to express this through floristry.
Floom Harleys Flowers Studio 3
I would be a Sunflower definitely. I am always smiling and I think sunflowers are the happiest flowers.
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