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“I was working in the back office of a pub, doing the accounts and admin and so on… One day I volunteered to get some flowers to decorate the bare tables as best I could, just with little bud vases and jam jars.” For Laura Gray, this initial spur of the moment trip became weekly trips to the flower market that she loved so much she enrolled in a part-time floristry course. This was the beginning of an enduring love affair with floristry which would, via a role at Battersea Flower Station, eventually announce itself to the world as Gray and Greenery. “It was a hectic time, but so exciting to be learning something that felt like the exact thing I was meant to have been doing all along!” Gray and Greenery is not your typical floristry studio, existing as it does on wheels. “It’s like an American-style flower truck,” explains Laura. “Except on a slightly smaller, more London-friendly scale!” A beloved fixture around South-West London, Gray and Greenery has a regular rotation of different spots where she pitches up to meet her loyal customers. She also offers workshops, wedding arrangements and – now –delivery of her beautiful bouquets via our own humble selves. Constantly evolving and constantly busy (not least with two kids at home!), Laura’s eternal enthusiasm is reflected in her wonderful floral creations. “I feel so lucky that my job is working with beautiful things,” she beams.

Floom Gray And Greenery Studio 2
"I use a lot of different types of foliage in my bouquets, as I love the texture they bring. My style is natural and not very uniform. "
Floom Gray And Greenery Studio 3
"Flowers and plants bring life and beauty to a space, no matter whether it’s a sweet little succulent, a magnificent single stem or a big juicy bouquet."

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