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There’s a straightforward ethos behind Clare Oliver’s Floristry studio, “I create bespoke seasonal and elegant arrangements for all occasions,” she says. “and run local workshops, to help others appreciate the joy of floral design too.” On first glance it would all look a little too simple, right? And yet, take a look at any of the incredible floral arrangements that Clare creates for her clients and the creativity is plain to see. “I have always loved flowers and grew up in the Devon country side surrounded by beautiful wild flowers,” says Clare, “nothing beats the pure and simple pleasure you experience when creating a beautiful floral design.” Clare has always loved flowers and after being inspired as a child by her Grandfather's kitchen garden she took a short detour from her floristry route into the communications sector, which she says “pushed her into realising her true passion and love, which was undoubtably floristry”. Fast forward a little, and Clare Oliver Floristry now sits proudly in the heart of South East London. “I never tire of seeing a smile spread across someone’s face when they receive flowers,” says Clare. “I like to create arrangements using fresh seasonal blooms in a natural and elegant style that people love’, which she says is helped by the fact that “Flowers can lift your soul in the good and the bad times”. And lastly, when asked if she could be a flower, she explains she would like to be a peony, - “as they don't have to try too hard to be beautiful, they just are!”.

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I love everything about them, including all the obvious things...
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...from the wonderful smell to the most lovely delicate petals.

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