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“Flowers make me smile. They wake up all of my senses and let me be creative,” says Liset Pena. In 2009, she founded Bloomside in the heart of Fulham, a short walk away from Parsons Green tube station.

But she’s been working in floristry for a lot longer. “My passion for colours and flowers drove me to look for a position in my local flower shop nearly 20 years ago,” she says. “After a few years absorbing all the knowledge and skills from an amazing senior florist, I fell in love with my new profession and decided to go to college and get my qualifications. After a couple of years managing another flower shop, I finally felt like I was ready to open my own.”

Today Bloomside delivers across London, mainly sourcing its flowers from New Coven Garden Market and a range of Dutch suppliers, and specialises in flowers for weddings, corporate events (film and TV), parties, contracts and funerals, as well as day-to-day flowers. Offering a range of different styles from compact and modern to more wild-looking arrangements, Bloomside never forgets its signature “British and country” style.

“With flowers you can express any kind of feelings – love, friendship, gratefulness, passion and sorrow – so we try to cover all bases,” she says.

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We are an independent florist, providing flowers that will please all of your senses.
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Flowers make me smile. They wake up all of my senses and let me be creative.

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