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“Flowers are like people,” says Ali Bilenness, the founder of Blackheath-based Bloomologie. “Some are delicate and fragile, some are frothy and bright, others are bold and beautiful… put them together and you can create something amazing.” ‘Create something amazing’ is something that Ali has been doing with flowers for some time now - from playing ‘flower shop’ in the garden of her childhood Shropshire home to really learning the craft of floristry under the watchful eye of Petersham Nurseries’ Thomas Broom-Hughes (via fifteen years or so working honing her eye in the world of fashion magazines, naturally). We’re particularly enamoured with Bloomologie’s commitment to seasonality, with results that are, says Ali, “wild, wondrous and playful… a bit like us!)”

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Everyone can relate to them – they’re like living memories, whether it’s your Granny’s hydrangeas; the smell of Sweet peas in summer...
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...or making rose petal “perfume” as a child. And they are good for your soul – living, fresh scented blooms are healthy for you and connect you with nature, from the comfort of your front room.

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