Amy Balfour Flowers


Like many of our florists, Amy Balfour honed her creative instincts in a different sector, before deciding to let her love of flowers take centre-stage. Prior to starting her floristry business Amy worked in interior design, and when you think about it, there's plenty of parallels to be drawn: you're arranging either flowers or furniture, while the way you work with colours, texture and tone help separate the artisans from the artless. Based in South West London, Amy lives just ten minutes from New Covent Garden Flower Market, a.k.a. ground zero of fresh, seasonal cut flowers in our nation's capital. Presumably this means she gets to wake up at a marginally less ungodly hour than most florists hoping to catch the day's best blooms - just take a look at her bouquets to see how she puts this head start to good use.

Floom Amy Balfour Studio 2
“Receiving flowers never fails to bring huge joy and excitement. They express a thousand different emotions, from ‘thank you’ to ‘I’m sorry’.”
“They are the perfect gift for someone who ‘has everything’, and help to bring life and beauty to people’s homes and environments. ”
Floom Amy Balfour Studio 3
Amy Balfour Flowers, 1915637375, 5 Reform Street, London, SW11 5AL