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Albi Ison Catering

Albi Ison has a crazy love and passion to cook delicious & colourful food. He was born in Zimbabwe. London is now home. He is totally in love with anything to do with Italy & is obsessed with the food and the inclusive, generous culture of the Middle East.

Albi has grown his experience mainly in multi-cultural London over the last 16 years. Grateful to have had the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the industry, including the Ottolenghi team for over 6 years. The journey has been fun so far and includes a diverse client base with some really great projects on the go. Anything from intimate dinners in art galleries or homes, larger corporate events with up to 800 guests, or preparing food for individuals on a specific eating plan designed by nutritionists and wellness pros. Attention to detail, colour and love are the things you’ll always find in his food.

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Albi Ison Catering|Albi Ison Catering|Unit 1, London Heliport Industrial Estate, LONDON, United Kingdom, SW11 3SS