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North London’s Aflorum Florists was founded in 2007 by Wichet Khongphoon, taking its name from the Latin word for flowers. A small local florists on the Caledonian Road they might be, but that doesn’t mean their creative expression is anything less than expansive! “We can accommodate any style or taste really,” says Wichet before adding the most matter-of-fact explanation at the heart of this ability. “For us, all flowers are beautiful.” Elaborating, he says, “flowers make the best gifts as they come in so many different colours, textures and scents that can represent each and every one of us.” Wichet grew up amidst the flora of Thailand – in particular amidst the blooms that filled his mother’s garden. “My mother’s love for her garden inspired me to become a florist,” he says. “I think my favourite floral memories are of helping her tend to it back in Thailand.” The gardens of South-East Asia might not necessarily be what most Londoners envisage when they think of ‘country garden’ style floristry, but there are some universal qualities that make this seem a completely natural description for Wichet to use when talking about his craft. “We absolutely love wild flowers,” he says. “All the wonderful scents and colours… they just make your life so much happier.”

Floom Alforum Studio 2
Flowers are the best gift for people as they come in so many different colours, textures...
Floom Alforum Studio 3
...and scents that they can represent each and every one of us.

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