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Located in the heart of Kennington, South East London, Windmill Flowers pride themselves on their local, independent qualities (something we can get on board with, given the reason for our existence is to bring such amazing florists to audiences anew). Of course, being local and independent doesn’t count for much without unique floral creations to take centre-stage. Luckily Windmill Flowes offer these in abundance – “we’re fairly organic and rustic in style, and we like using interesting textures,” says Windmill Flowers founder, Mary Woolcot. Ultimately though, Mary prides herself on being able to offer a truly personal service for truly personal gift-giving. “There’s thought involved when buying people’s favourite flowers,’ she says. “Being able to talk to your florist and discover that they can source interesting varieties – that’s the beauty of going to a local florist.” Windmill Flowers has been around for more than half a decade now, first opening its doors in 2011. What keeps Mary and her team inspired? “The pure enjoyment on people’s faces when they receive their bouquets,” says Mary. “There’s also a particular satisfaction that comes from wedding work, when you’ve seen everything come together from inception to completion.” And if Mary herself was a flower? “I’d probably be a ranunculus, which are also my favourite – quite small and petite but really very strong!”

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There is such thought given to buying people's favourite flowers and being able to consult with flower lovers...
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...that is the beauty of an independent florist, the ability of sourcing interesting, seasonal flowers.

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