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So many of our florists come to flowers via other creative pursuits - fashion, interior design, fine art. So it’s a pleasant surprise to discover that, before taking the reigns at The Sevenoaks Florist, Joanna spent 13 years working as a geneticist. There is something of a laboratory feel to Sevenoaks in it’s current incarnation, in that there's a talented team dedicated to conjuring new creations - except instead of a white-coated, sterile, test tube-filled room, there’s a team of besotted florists (some of whom have been working there for thirty years), in a warm environment, immersed in the freshest flowers. “I could not have made a better choice,” says Joanna of her career switch. We can’t help but agree, as Sevenoaks moves majestically into its fourth decade of trading. What do you think you would be though if you weren’t a florist, we ask. “Oh a spy,” says Joanna matter of factly. Which throws that whole back story we’ve just relayed somewhat into doubt, doesn’t it?

Floom Sevenoaks Florist Studio 2
Flowers have such a huge variety, from the delicate Sweet Avalanche rose, to the edgy Strelitzia, the subtle Sweet Pea to the gregarious sunflower.
Floom Sevenoaks Florist Studio 4
Watching our talented team create the most beautiful arrangements from these natural treasures, is a real pleasure.

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