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Kent — Westerham

Posy and Wild 

This florist delivers between 10am - 5pm on:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Posy (aka Jo) and Wild (aka Coralie) first discovered their love of flowers as childhood friends, who had already bonded over their shared love of photography, dancing and painting: “finding floristry was like finding a new way to paint,” they say. “The flowers were the canvas and the arranging was a new way to express ourselves.” All grown up now and still firm flower-loving friends, Posy & Wild is the ‘gallery’ from which they’re able to share their creations with the wider world - situated in the beautiful town of Westerham, Kent. “It’s known as ‘The Garden of England,’” they say proudly. “We have the countryside right on our doorstep.”

Floom Posy And Wild Studio 2
With flowers bringing the classic and neat, to the wild and wonderful.
Floom Posy And Wild Studio 1
There's so many stunning flowers it's very difficult to choose between them all. Although scented flowers are a firm favourite at posy and wild.
Jo-Anne Hardy and Coralie Quick trading as 'Posy and Wild'|4610591062|15 High Street, Westerham, KENT, TN16 1RA