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Hertfordshire — Royston

September Flowers

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“Flowers have been a part of my life from a very young age,” says Kenia Hatfield, the Dominican founder of September Flowers. “I grew up with my grandmother and I remember she always had fresh flowers in a hand painted vase. There was always a lovely fragrance around the house.” Now based in Royston, Kenia worked as an interior designer in her home country and never planned to become a florist but we’re sure glad she made the leap! “There’s something special about delivering flowers,” she says. “I love how people react to it.”

Floom September Flowers Studio 2
The company I used to work for was next to a flower shop and I would always go there when I had the chance.
Floom September Flowers Studio 3
If I was a flower I would be a Cherry blossom, as they represent the fragility and the beauty of life.
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