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Love Flowers

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Okay, we’re detecting a slight hint of sarcasm when we ask Yellie Walton of Love Flowers what made her first realise she wanted to be a florist. Says Yellie: “It was when I realised how much I love getting up at 4am, of course!” The ultimate hardship of a fresh-flower-florist aside, there’s no mistaking Yellie’s boundless enthusiasm for her craft. She grows “puzzlingly gorgeous” forget-me-nots in her garden and presents “delightful” ranunculus in lovingly foraged jam jars. In fact she seems utterly devoted to all the flowers under the sun so when we ask her what she’d be if she wasn’t a florist, we take her answer at absolute face value… “An Ibicencan goddess of flower power… I wish!”

Floom Love Flowers Studio 2
What else says ‘I am what I am’ like a beautiful flower
Floom Love Flowers Studio 3
We love challenging ourselves to create the most beautiful bouquets
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