Made You Look

Essex — Westcliff-on-Sea

Like all the best florists, Heidi at Made You Look Flowers (erm) make you look at flowers in a new light. “If I was a flower,” says Heidi, “it would be a fully blown summer peony. Big, flouncy and colourful!” And is that your favourite flower, we ask? “My favourite is the humble tulip – so beautifully simplistic yet so intriguing.” Two answers that, like the incredible MYL arrangements, make you approach the sheer variety of the flower world.

Floom Made You Look Florist Studio 2
“Flowers truly never fail to raise a smile on the face of those who receive them!”
“..they evolve and change over their lifetime and will always be considered a luxury”
Floom Made You Look Florist Studio 3
Made You Look Flower, 1078471696, 98 Brightwell Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea Essex SS0 9EF