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Essex — Ingatestone

Beards & Daisies

Essex-based Beards and Daisies was founded by Jo Lambell after an underwhelming experience when sending flowers to her mum – a wildly relatable motivation for many of us in the flower world! “I’m entirely obsessed by the more unusual varieties of flowers, which you just don’t find in your average florist,” says Jo. “Our bouquets are packed with a broad selection of flowers, containing the more exciting types wherever possible. Unpredictable, asymmetric, wild with foliage… we also make sure great scent plays a part.” Jo’s passion for flowers is utterly infectious – when talking about her favourite type of flower she uses the L-word no less than four times: “Love, love, love lupins… I’m ridiculously nostalgic and my mum had them in her garden when we were growing up. Their season is so short and they have an amazing ombré effect… love ‘em!” When Jo says that, “a fab bouquet has the ability to create the ‘awwwww’ effect as I call it – it can make someone smile and bring a little cheer into their day,” you get the impression that she’s not only talking about the recipient’s reaction but her own as well. Jo grins. “I mean, whenever life gets stressful, I have to stop and pinch myself – I get to work with flowers for a living! I’m so lucky that I get to do this every day!”

Floom Beards Daisies Studio 2
My favourite flowers, I love, love, love lupins...
Floom Beards Daisies Studio 3
Their season is so short and they have an amazing ombre effect... Love 'em!

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