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Rose & Ammi is a small team of florists and self-described plant addicts, who have been dressing a variety of Scotland’s most captivating wedding venues since 2012. Fortunately for Edinburgh-based Floom fans, they also have a little shop situated in Tollcross, which is home to an ever-changing, seasonal collection of fresh, beautiful cut flowers and unusual house plants (if you’re lucky enough to be able to pay them a visit, they also stock a refined selection of planters, vases, pots and other homeware goods). A life-long love of plants and a desire to do something creative led founder Lydia Cywinski into floristry, where to this day she is, “constantly amazed by the beauty of individual flowers. I love that the selection is constantly changing with the seasons – every day I’m working with flowers, I’m creating fond new memories.” One of Lydia’s biggest inspirations is the florist Sarah Winward: “this is because her philosophy is that flowers should feel natural in the environment that they’re going to be viewed in. As a florist, she goes to great lengths to source the perfect flowers for the perfect, desired look. But she also always uses materials that are natural to the immediate environment surrounding her arrangements.” Much of this applies to Lydia’s own creations, which she describes as, “natural, relaxed, a little wild and always beautiful.” For Lydia, flowers make such great gifts because of their ability to evoke nostalgic memories: “the reminder of a grandparent’s garden for example. The fact that they’re only there to be enjoyed for such a short time only serves to make them even more special.” Finally, if Lydia herself was a flower? “I think our name probably gives the game away – it would be a rose! However to pick something a little less obvious let’s go with a thistle. Firstly, they are Scotland’s national flower, but also I think they’re a misunderstood little plant that can add amazing texture and colour to a bouquet.

Floom Rose Ammi Studio 2
Flowers have the ability to evoke nostalgia...
Floom Rose Ammi Studio 3
...the reminder of a grandparent's garden for example. They are there to be enjoyed for a short time which makes them even more special.

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