Rogue Flowers

You’ll know the floral delights of Rogue Flowers is drawing near when you feel the cobbles of Edinburgh’s William Street underfoot. Alice Shaw’s “charming wee shop,” as she describes it, bursts from the archaic trappings of Scotland’s capital city with a veritable cacophony of glorious flowers, plants and foliage, all spilling out onto those cobbles.

The shop came into being in 2010 when Alice had to finally commit to one of her passions more concretely. “I was either going to be a florist, a ski-bum or an architect,” she says before clarifying her answer… “Well, an architect yearning to own a flower shop I guess!” Floristry allowed Alice to truly flex her artistic and creative skills, which she honed over five years in another flower shop before taking the plunge with her own venture. Today, she describes her floristry style as “untamed and led by the intrinsic beauty of flowers, with an eye for the unusual.” With all of this in mind it’s no surprise to hear that if Alice herself were one day magically transformed into a flower it would be the foxglove: “wavering tips, unpredictable changes of direction, poisonous and yet somehow also the source of life-saving heart medicine… a truly loveable rogue!”

Floom Rogue Flowers Edinburgh Studio 2
Find us in the cobbled William Street in Edinburgh's vibrant West End...
Floom Rogue Flowers Edinburgh Studio 3
our charming wee shop is bursting with glorious flowers, plants and foliage.

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