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Benjamin Bennett’s Pollination has been serving up fine florals for the good people of Edinburgh since 1997. After two decades in the game, the Pollination team are widely regarded as one of Scotland’s leading independent floristry studios – little wonder when they’re utterly committed to using only the best seasonal blooms, which they then craft into unique bouquets with the utmost creativity and care.

Benjamin’s love affair with flowers however started long before the peak year of Cool Britannia. “I think I was about 10 years old and a cousin had just got married. I thought her flowers were beautiful so when helping with the clearup the next day (I say ‘helping’ I probably just got in the way!), I went home with armfuls of leftover flowers. I must have arranged and rearranged them a dozen times… my parents’ small house looked like a botanical garden, every surface covered in flowers!”

Luckily, Benjamin’s family were very supportive of his newfound passion, and he attributes his burgeoning interest to, “the women in my life! Both sets of grandmothers were keen gardeners and my Godmother is a talented florist. My mum is amazingly creative and a major support in the shop.”

As for what flower Benjamin would be? “I’d be a hydrangea – they’re simultaneously big and delicate, and can get a bit frazzled when it’s too warm!”

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Flowers are not just pretty, visual objects - they have a power. The power to surprise and delight, the power to bring comfort and solace, and the power to create and stimulate memories.
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Our style.. Seasonal, natural, a little wild and always beautiful!

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