Bains and Wood

East Sussex

In their own words, Justine and Nicky of Bains & Wood are, “two friends lucky enough to live in the heart of rural Sussex. Inspired by hedgerows, hills and wonderful gardens, we forage, grow and buy locally where we can to create beautiful arrangements and bouquets.” Which, really gives those of us based in Floom’s London HQ a distinct pining for life outside the M25… Their floral instincts were a passion long before they turned them into a business. “We were always being asked to ‘do’ a house, or a church for a wedding and we’d just do it happily.” Merrily plucking stems from their own gardens made them realise that the number of florists offering fresh, seasonal arrangements were few and far between. Now, when asked what they’d be doing if they weren’t florists both Justine and Nicky say they can’t imagine doing anything else. “We love flowers because from seedling to pod they paint a picture,” they say. “For celebrating, for love, for the home.”

Floom Bains And Wood Studio 2
“From seedling to pod they paint a picture… ”
“…for celebrating, for love, for the home. ”
Floom Bains And Wood Studio 3
Bains and Wood Limited, 10161124, Landgate Chambers, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7LJ