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Lula Lula has been a long dreamed about venture, a project I always imagined which was something that would mix my creative experiences from the worlds of fashion, art and floristry. After years of working in the fashion industry where I was buying, creating and launching fashion ranges for one the UK's top retailers, to a career change in which I was lucky enough to freelance for some of the best florists across London, Essex and Barcelona, working in shops, wedding and event studios, brand collaborations and weekly contracts, floristry workshops and 5* hotel styling, Lula Lula was finally born as a result of the most unlikely event, the COVID-19 pandemic. From losing all my freelance jobs overnight mixed with a surging demand I was receiving on a daily basis for flower deliveries, Lula Lula was launched with the support of my family and my boyfriend Chris in my parents garage - or what is now known as the Lula Lula studio!

My experience working in fashion and floristry, where I have learnt the traditional ‘neat and proper’ skills as well as a ‘rule-breaking’, creative and free approach to floristry, has culminated in my expressive and artistic approach to flower arranging and my vision for Lula Lula. The concept behind Lula Lula is to mix all my inspirations and experiences in fashion, art and floristry by creating and launching bouquet ranges just like I would a fashion collection, with seasonal drops, lookbook and editorial. The inspirations behind each Lula Lula bouquet come from my travels, art, pattern and print, music, poetry, textiles, places, culture, memories, moods, to influential and inspiring people… just to name a few! We love to work with and collaborate with fashion brands, designers, artists and all creatives on projects which bring a variety of ideas and inspirations together to create something very exciting and fresh. The name Lula Lula actually comes from my mum’s nickname ‘Lula’, which is a much shorter version of her full name, Maria Constanza. My mum is amazingly free-spirited and creative, and has hugely influenced not only me, but also my floristry. She truly embodies what I aim for my floristry and creativity to be.

Lula Lula specialises in bouquet deliveries, weddings, events, editorial and lookbook, brand collaborations, art installations, business weekly and monthly contracts. It has launched and taken off quickly and we only hope and plan to keep growing and achieving our dreams of being a successful fashion floristry business who do things uniquely based on our own influences and inspirations

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