Local Spark Flowers

We bring country gardens into your home by potting up our favourite, seasonal perennials, bulbs and annuals in a wide variety of carefully-sourced vintage pots and containers. Local Spark Flowers has grown from florist-farmer Julia’s love of gardening and a passion from collecting old flower pots. Our vintage potted plants are reminiscent of old greenhouses, faded chintz and summer roses in custard jugs and look timelessly elegant in any home. We also create beautiful Pots et Fleurs-style arrangements which are both spectacular and long-lasting, country-style window boxes and seasonal floral decorations including willow wreathes and topiaries.

We ship our potted plants in compostable hay-boxes along with detailed care instructions and our potted plants make wonderful gifts as the pots are just as special as the plants and can be added to private collections and used over. We offer timeless elegance in a sustainable way and bring nature just a little bit closer to your everyday.

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