Nectary Hill

Bristol — Wrington

Bristol is a charming city. It’s a city that occupies one of those increasingly rare places in which the old and the new are celebrated and championed in equal measure. You’ll often find yourself walking down cobbled streets in the old part of town accompanied by the latest street art murals harmonising with the sandstone walls of churches. It’s this collaboration between the past and the present, and the people of Bristol’s desire to highlight and embolden beauty, that make it the perfect home for mother and daughter team Jules and Ro. It was Jules’ passion for growing that started the pair of them on their journey to becoming florists and flower farmers. Jules had always grown flowers at the family home, often filling the balcony with pots when the garden got too full, and Ro grew up playing amongst the flower beds. Ro later went on to become a graphic designer and it was only in 2016 when they both realised what they could achieve together. “We were actually on holiday together and were moaning that we wished we could do something like this together. And then we thought… why not?! It made perfect sense and we could see that with our combined skills in growing and design we might be on to something special.” Nectary Hill is now in full bloom and you can find their locally grown flower arrangements bringing smiles to the people of Bristol.

Floom Nectary Hill Studio 2
“Growing many of the flowers we use helps our bouquets to look a little different, our stems adding a real quirk to market flowers.”
“Our favourite memory is watching the first of our flowers for Nectary Hill bloom.”
Floom Nectary Hill Studio 3
Nectary Hill, 10749901, Greystones Ropers Lane, Wrington, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS40 5NH