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Megan Lily Flowers

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Bristol-based florist Megan Lily is all about bringing “wilderness and beauty” to your homes - which she does, quite amazingly, from the self-proclaimed ‘shed' at the bottom of her garden (it's fair to say that the shed is a bit more organised than your standard garden shed!). “I used to stare wistfully through the door of my local florist on my walk home from school as a young girl,” Meg says, “and now I am so proud to be a small business owner able to bring a piece of nature into the heart of the city!”

Floom Megan Lily Studio 2
Flowers bring a bit of wildness and beauty to our homes.
Floom Megan Lily Studio 3
I am so proud to be a small business owner bringing you a piece of nature in the heart of the city of Bristol.
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