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Belle de Jour

Kika, the founder of Bristol-based Belle De Jour, originally hails from France, where she spent many years honing her craft at the Toulouse flower market. While many of us might recognise the name of her floristry shop as the title of a certain risqué Buñuel film starring Catherine Deneuve, that title is in itself a reference to the French name for the daylily, meaning ‘beauty of the day.’ Her own Belle De Jour draws on this meaning to magnificent effect, capturing in each bouquet the everyday beauty of Bristol and its surrounding countryside. “Flowers make great gifts,” says Kika, “because they are like us - ephemeral and strong, fragile and resilient.”

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From the age of 10, I would spend pocket money on bringing home a rose for my mum.
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Dad was not allowed to come home without flowers and something from the patisserie.

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