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Between Two Thorns

Between Two Thorns is a house plant shop specializing in unusual and tropical indoor greenery. Based in Brighton, we’re thrilled to bring their selection of rare, beautifully chosen flora to Floom! Between Two Thorns sits its rose of a founder, Alys Dobbie. “I was an antique dealer for 12 years before I decided to retrain as a florist,” she says, which perhaps goes some way to explaining the finely-honed, curatorial eye Alys applies to her array of plants. “All of the plant variations I choose are personally chosen for their beauty and easy care instructions.” Elaborating on why she has devoted her professional life to plant life, Alys explains: “they’re the greatest of all living gifts. They lighten people’s moods, purify air and don’t die within a week!” We’re speculating here a little, but the shift from antiquaries to greenery also perhaps allows Alys to indulge her wilder side a little more than her previous field did. “My plant ‘style’ is wild, eclectic and alternative,” she acknowledges. “If I was a plant? I’d be a Pachira Aquatica. Twisted, scatty… an old soak!”

Floom Between Two Thorns Studio 2
Plants are the greatest of all living gifts.
Floom Between Two Thorns Studio 3
Being surrounded by indoor plants all day would improve anyones mood..

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